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Noetic is a hotel technology specialist with the technology and talent that will beat your OTA and digital marketing agency hands down


A digital marketing and technology agency with more digital know-how

Noetic has developed innovative hotel technology that unifies your systems seamlessly, consolidating data to create a single view of ‘everything’. Your bookers, and guests, what they spend, where, when and how often. What it cost to acquire them and what CRM support they’re receiving. All driven by a focus on delivering maximum customer value over time to the business. 

Our solutions help you acquire the best customers direct, migrate indirect bookers to book via direct channels and retain them as loyal customers. Our technology enables us to optimise your media spend and deliver much more effective digital marketing.

Technology at our heart

Noetic is an official Oracle Partner, specialising in software integrations exclusively with the market-leading property management system (PMS), Oracle OPERA. Our partnership with Oracle and focus on OPERA means the ongoing development of features and functionality for Noetic1 is not compromised by the need to develop for multiple PMS platforms. 

Noetic1 answers key questions hotels need to answer to grow their business including: who are the customers with the best lifetime value? How can you persuade them to book directly? And what will lead to them coming back?

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Business growth is three steps away

We're experts in finding and retaining your highest value customers

Step #1 Acquire more direct bookings

Noetic combines tech and talent to achieve more direct bookings. Using intelligent predictive analytics, proprietary media attribution models and our leading-edge hotel technology Noetic1, we acquire more bookings at half the typical cost and with fewer cancellations. Our experts optimise media campaigns to acquire the best customers.

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Step #2 Migrate indirect to direct bookings

We reduce your reliance on expensive online travel agents, help you take back control of your guest relationships and build loyalty. We do this by incentivising guests to use our mobile app which gives them access to rewards, offers and private preferential rates when they re-book using direct channels. Using the app creates a direct relationship with you so when they come back there won’t be an OTA commission to pay.

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Step #3 Retain the best customers

Noetic1 predicts which customers are likely to rebook and when. We use our digital nous to contact them using the best channel at the optimum time and incentivise booking through more profitable direct channels. 

Noetic helps you retain customers with the highest lifetime value by enabling a smoother and more personalised service. The Noetic1 hotel app creates a new channel for you to offer private rates and perks and features customers will love, like digital room keys, smartphone or kiosk-based check-in and checkout and universal payments.

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Our numbers

Stats that go above and beyond the industry standard


direct bookings


media conversion rate


cost per booking

< 3%



Our partners

Noetic partners with leading technology providers to ensure the integration between our solution and the rest of your hotel technology works perfectly together and delivers greater efficiency and better guest experiences. We have partnerships with property management system (PMS), meta-search platform, payments and security and access solution providers including Oracle, Google Hotel Ads, 3C Payments Part of Planet, Elavon, Assa Abloy (formerly VingCard) and dormaKaba.

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