About us

We help hotels to acquire, migrate and retain the best customers

Noetic acquires more direct bookers and guests for hotels, migrates indirect bookers to direct channels and retains those most likely to have the highest lifetime value.

Our booker and guest management solution, Noetic1, integrates with your hotel technology so it runs more efficiently. Using booker and guest data effectively, it enables better targeting, delivers better guest experiences and drives more profit.

We are hotel technology specialists and a digital marketing agency. So, whether you choose to use Noetic1 to increase your direct bookings or combine it with our agency services to do it for you, our acquire, migrate and retain methodology will grow your business.


“The answer is in the data, always.

The science is knowing what data and how to use it to deliver what the hotel really wants – more gross profit.

The art is creating great guest experiences in the hotel.

The joy is bringing the two together to make a difference that generates more profit.”


Stephen Barr, CIO and Co-Founder, Noetic


Our story

When Noetic co-founders Matthew Mills and Stephen Barr began working with a large hotel group in 2016, they were bewildered that best-practice data-led approaches and advancements in marketing tech prevalent in other sectors had been adopted by so little of the hospitality industry. It represented a huge opportunity for their clients.

Steve and Matt are passionate about using technology and marketing talent to help hotels predict which customers will have the highest lifetime value, how to acquire them and how best to use customer relationship management (CRM) to get more direct bookings from them.

Online travel agents (OTAs ) dominate bookings today. Hotels too often believe the only way to increase occupancy is to spend more with OTAs. This results in expensive commission rates. Hotels also miss out on everything that’s important from a direct relationship with the customer. If the booking came from the OTA, it’s their customer, not yours, and their relationship.

Matt and Steve have built technology that puts hotels back in charge of their customer relationships and encourages those customers to book directly.


Our name

Noetic /nəʊˈɛtɪk/

adjectiveFORMAL: relating to mental activity or the intellect.

We believe in the intelligent application of technology which is why we chose our name. Whether it is using data to predict who the best lifetime customers will be, or connecting disparate technologies together so that the right information is available at the right time across all your channels, we take an intelligent approach to all we do. 


Our mission

We help hoteliers make better business decisions and grow profit by providing great technology and insightful consulting that enables hotels to acquire, migrate and retain their highest value bookers.

Our values

Our values define how we conduct our business and all our interactions both with clients and each other.


Investing in tech and talent

We’re always re-investing in our talent and our technology so that we deliver better than anyone else.


Go direct

We place direct relationships at the heart of our project delivery by combining technology, data and intelligent analytics.


We don't conform

We strive to deliver exceptional results that go above the industry standards by challenging the status quo.

Check in 1

Sticking to our niche

We have a passion for hospitality; it’s the only industry we work in.


Delighting hotels

We enlighten and empower hotels to excel in ways they didn’t even know existed.

Our team

Meet the team… the talent to our technology. These are the people who make sure that all the insights our solution delivers are applied intelligently to our customers’ businesses.

Stephen Barr

Chief Insight Officer and Co-Founder

Matthew Mills

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Dinesh Caldera

Chief Technology Officer

Antoine Edgcumbe

Sales Director

Wasantha Wijayaratna

Head of Delivery

Kumudu Bastian

Country Manager, Sri Lanka

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