Manage direct and indirect channels in one place to optimise bookings

Noetic1 connects all your channels making them easier to manage and reduces your cost per booking

Noetic1 imports all booking data from all your direct and indirect channels including your website, hotel app, central reservations office, front desk and OTAs.

We create a unified view of all bookings from your indirect and direct channels which is updated in near-real-time. You will know exactly how each channel is performing, the cost of bookings you acquire via the different channels, the revenue today and the likely future revenue.

Noetic1 makes it easy to turn channels on and off to maximise direct bookings from bookers with the highest lifetime value. So you can be far more strategic about acquiring bookings through your direct (lower cost) channels and prioritise bookings from the customers with the highest lifetime value.


Noetic1 manages all your booking channels

Noetic1 shows you the whole picture. Indirect and direct channels can all be monitored and managed in one place.

Central Reservations Office

Bookings via email or telephone into your CRO team

Front desk

Walk-in bookings from the front desk


Direct bookings that guests make using your hotel app


Bookings made via your website

3rd Party and OTA

Bookings from 3rd party online travel agents

Google Hotel Ads

Bookings that come via GHA


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Migrate bookings to direct channels

Noetic1’s bookings and channel manager is one of the technologies that underpin our ‘Migrate’ programme; the second pillar of the Noetic methodology to move bookers from expensive indirect channels to more cost-effective direct channels.

Noetic1 shows you clearly the cost of bookings via different channels as well as the lifetime value of bookers you get from each. You can make informed choices about which channels you want to use more and which you want to reduce because they are too expensive or ineffective.

We use patterns in booking data to predict demand so that you can avoid selling a room to a one-time price-sensitive booker via an expensive indirect channel when you could sell it direct to a booker who is predicted to have a high lifetime value.

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Automated rate and availability management

Noetic1 automates the distribution of rate and availability information to all the channels you use including supplying Google Hotel Ads with information up to 330 days in advance. 

Providing availability data to Google this far in advance means your hotel information is displayed to tourists who tend to be higher value guests, who usually book further in advance. Most Google Hotel integrations don’t provide availability this far in advance, so they miss the ‘long-tail’ booking opportunities, which typically cost much less as well as being higher value with a lower cancellation rate.

 You’ll have a competitive edge when it comes to acquiring these bookers.

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Fully integrates with market leading systems

Noetic1 is fully integrated with industry-leading hotel technologies and we are adding integrations all the time.

Integrations for Oracle OPERA, Siteminder and Google Hotel Ads, to name just a few, work seamlessly so you can manage bookings via your central reservations office, OTAs, 3rd party agencies, your website, your hotel app, and your front desk.


Systems integrations

Here are some of the market-leading systems we integrate with...

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