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At Noetic, we understand times are hard for the hospitality industry. That's why we're offering a free Direct Booker Acquisition Programme to prepare you for restarting your hotel business.

During these times, most hotels’ key goal should be simple: reduce expenditure and reliance on OTAs.

Now is the right time to focus on getting less expensive bookings. Growing direct bookings will give hotels total control over what they spend and a better quality of booking. Additionally, you'll hold the relationships that are typically controlled by the OTA. Your own data should show you that direct bookers are less likely to cancel and more likely to come back.

So, along with being less costly to acquire, they also generate more value over time.


Free customised Direct Booking Acquisition Programme

Noetic is giving away five free Direct Booking Launch Programmes to hotels with over 500 rooms. We’ll show you how to make direct bookings the cornerstone of your hotel business, so you only use OTAs when you need to.

If you want, we’ll even run the programme for you for free for the first 90 days, to get you started.