Our hotel app drives direct bookings and loyalty

The Noetic1 hotel app is a powerful route to direct bookings that cost you less. It is the perfect private channel for 1-2-1 rates and offers that increase direct bookings.

Noetic hotel app 4 – booking and digital platform

Migrate guests to direct

The Noetic app drives direct bookings by providing a private direct channel to offer personalised rates and promotions away from the prying eyes of OTAs.

Getting guest bookings through the app is cheaper than other channels with cost per sale being 5% or less.

The app includes “sticky” features including digital room keys and premium wifi that guests want to engage with so it becomes a rich source of customer data. The insights it provides will help you deliver better service, build loyalty and migrate more OTA bookers to direct channels.



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Noetic1 App supports social distancing

Social distancing is likely to be with us for a while. The Noetic1 App supports hotels to implement changes in how they operate due to Covid19.

The app enables guests to check-in, create a digital key and check-out using their smartphone so there’s no need to queue or visit the front desk. The app’s room service functionality makes it easy for guests to order food and beverages to their room. These features will help you manage the number of people in high traffic areas of your hotel and keep everyone safer. 

The check-in process includes ID verification. Guests simply scan their ID and take a selfie which is sent to your central reservations team to authorise remotely.

There’s no need to use plastic keys which would need to be cleaned as guests use the app to unlock their room.


Loyalty, guest preferences and upselling

The app can become an integral part of your loyalty programme, creating a private channel to send personalised promotions and offers to guests. 

Guests can register their preferences through the app making it easier for you to deliver an experience that delights. It enables you to send timely personalised offers that are aligned to preferences. 

It also created an opportunity for upselling. Use the app in combination with our Intelligent Analytics to offer discounts and promotions to encourage guests to upgrade their room, try your bar, restaurant or spa.


Supports efficient operations

The Noetic1 Hotel App improves operational efficiency as customers can self-serve to check-in, verify their ID, activate room keys, print invoices and check-out. This frees you to reallocate front desk staff.

The app removes the need for plastic card keys – although our app allows guests to choose to still use a key if that’s what they prefer. Guests simply activate access when they check-in and their phone becomes a digital key. 

The app can also be configured to create access logs for rooms and report lock status. Meaning better security, fewer lost keys, and less time servicing locks.



Better guest experiences

For the guest, it creates a smooth and personalised experience. The user interface is clear and easy to use. There’s no queueing at the front desk to check-in, have their id authorised or check out. Especially helpful during times when we need to practice social distancing.

We all use our smartphones for everything now but the hotel industry is behind the curve in adopting apps that genuinely improve the guest’s experience. The hotel apps that do exist tend to be glorified guest directories that are downloaded and then deleted because they’re not engaging. 

The Noetic1 App is different. Its rich feature set offers the functionality guests expect. They can use it to check-in, check-out, open their room, order food and beverages, manage their booking and much more.

Most importantly, the Noetic1 App delivers more profit by delivering what the guest wants, via a low-cost channel.



Noetic’s app, with ‘sticky’ features, will keep your guests engaged and drive a better hotel experience.

Check-in / check-out

No need for guests to go to the front desk, they can check-in using the app on arrival and print invoices on-demand when they leave. Freeing your front-desk staff up.

Digital keys

Guests can use their smartphone interchangeably with plastic key cards. Activating them via the app. The app also automatically sends lock status to hotel management making maintenance easier and cheaper.

Food and beverage

Functionality includes booking a table and allocating drinks and meal charges to the guests’ room via the app.

Premium wifi

The app provides guests with access to premium wifi, a feature that will incentivise guests to keep the app on their phone.

Booking and preference management

Using the app guests can book their next stay and take advantage of private rates offered exclusively through the app as well as update their preferences such as room location or late checkout.

Automated ID verification

The app can securely verify that i.d. is valid and being used by its rightful owner.