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Data is the real room key… the ah-ha! moments from this year’s Oracle Hospitality Connect Americas

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18th February 2020

Did you miss Oracle Hospitality Connect Americas 2020? Catch up by reading our blog that captures the key takeaways.


Noetic is part of the Oracle Partner Network and work exclusively with OPERA Property Management System. Oracle’s Hospitality Connect Americas conference is a forum for sharing hotel technology best practices and addressing hospitality’s most pressing topics. In this blog, I highlight key takeaways which all point to the importance of really knowing customers.

#1 Oracle Hospitality’s genuine shift to become a customer-centric business

I was struck by Oracle Hospitality’s genuine shift to being more customer-centric. Responding to past criticism it demonstrated throughout that it’s listening to hoteliers, hotel management companies and technology vendors. It’s adapting to act more quickly and address their needs. 


#2 Cloud is coming and early adopters are benefitting

Oracle is in rapid pursuit of innovation across its businesses including Hospitality, and it’s focusing on cloud-based solutions. It’s great to see Oracle working with key industry stakeholders to address the challenges cloud presents.

It was encouraging to hear from hotels that have moved to Oracle’s cloud-based platform. Steven Schultz, Banff Park Lodge’s Director of Rooms, advocated the change saying that seven weeks in it hasn’t experienced any “system downtime” or problems. 


 #3 Reporting and analytics are being used to deliver increasingly tailored experiences

Research presented by Accenture Interactive reveals “The average traveller spends 53 days looking at 28 different websites before they make a travel purchase”.

The industry is now growing beyond basic personalisation. A more nuanced understanding of guests and bookers through data analysis of Google searches enables the delivery of more bespoke experiences which builds loyalty and spend. Hotels that use analytics will be ahead of the curve. 


#4 Consumers will share more personal information

A presentation from Skift showed a shift in consumer attitudes – 73% of consumers would be willing to share more personal information if brands are transparent about how it is used. Similarly Accenture Interactive found 87% of consumers think it is important to purchase from brands or retailers that understand ‘the real me’

The industry needs hotel technology that allows guests to opt-in, has completely transparent data collection and the flexibility to adapt to ongoing changes to privacy legislation.


#5 Google changes begin to take control away from OTAs

Another insight from Skift is Google’s move to take control away from online travel agencies (OTAs). Google Maps and Google Hotel Ads are increasingly influential and leading OTAs are already complaining that the changes are damaging business. It’s further evidence that whoever knows more about their customers has the advantage.

When executed well, Google Hotel Ad campaigns reduce OTA fees and give hotels crucial customer data. Google’s changes present an opportunity for hotels wanting to increase direct bookings. Knowing that this is inevitable, Google Hotel implementations should take full advantage of all opportunities that Google has enabled. Most Google Hotel integrations don’t take advantage of the opportunities created but the best media teams will use optimised attribution algorithms to execute campaigns that do.


In summary

The thread running through the conference is that for Oracle and the Hospitality industry, knowing your customers better is the key to success. It confirms my conviction that putting guest and bookers data back into the hands of hotels is the best way to maximise their ability to identify and retain the best clients. 

If you would like to know more about how you could use data analysis to acquire, migrate and attract the highest value customers contact Noetic.

Written by Noetic’s Sales Director, Antoine Edgcumbe

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