Uncompromised integration with Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads empower your business—but only when you have uncompromised access.

Conventional channel managers restrict your currency, language and length of stay, leaving you lost in a mire of other operators and OTAs using the same options to compete for clicks in a cutthroat environment. 

Noetic1™ integration gives you a competitive advantage over your entire industry.

Our solution

Our Google Hotel Ad integration has a much deeper, wider range, exploiting the platform’s full capabilities. This is coupled with intelligent software which allows your PMS to handle big data smartly.

Ours is the only platform which can offer 330 day advance bookings and stays up to 30 days, complete with more languages and currencies, so you can out perform hoteliers who still rely on a conventional channel manager.

By operating on a cost-per-click model, we can reduce your media spend, leaving you free to focus on acquiring high value, long-term guests.

Noetic has specialist integration with both Google Hotel Ads and Oracle OPERA. We leverage both platforms in tandem to give you additional tracking metrics which can be used to personalise media strategy towards the right guests. 

An uncompromised integration

  • 330 days advanced booking option
  • Option to book a stay of up to 30 days
  • List in more languages
  • More listing price options
  • Built-in tracking
  • Built-in attribution (optional extra)
  • Affordable cost-per-click model

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