Unlock the value in your data

We use Noetic1 Intelligent Analytics to understand precisely what will grow your business

Noetic1 integrates all your hotel technology to create a unified view of all your booker and guest data. We use ‘Intelligent Analytics’ to measure ‘everything’, identify patterns of behaviour which are significant for your business and predict what’s going to happen next.

Intelligent Analytics identifies the nature of the relationships between the bookers, the booking(s) they make and the channel-mix they use.


Your data powers our Acquire, Migrate and Retain programmes

Our direct Acquisition programme is driven by sophisticated media attribution models that score in real-time the contribution of each channel to a booking and the predicted lifetime value of each booker, right down to which keywords work best to deliver higher lifetime value.

Having a unified view of all data to enable Intelligent Analytics means we have automated processes that pick the right personalised rates and offers for guests we want to Migrate from indirect channels to direct bookings as well as those we most want to Retain.

Everything is designed to deliver a lower cost per booking, higher lifetime value of the guest and more gross profit to the business.

Five ways we extract value from your data

We start by getting all the relevant data in one place, creating a unified that makes it far easier to extract value and help your hotel perform better. We use five core methods to interrogate the data, identify patterns and relationships. For example, understanding the relationship between a ‘good’ or an ‘exceptional’ rating on guest feedback and how it relates to the propensity for the guest to rebook helps us to predict rebookings and recommend any changes needed to encourage more repeat business.

The methods we use are:

Who bookers and guests are, what makes them ‘tick’ and decide to book.

Grouping bookers and guests into targetable subgroups based on search and buying behaviour.

Predicting Behaviour
What bookers will do next when they will book, what kind of booking and whether they will buy again or not.

The often complex multi-channel process bookers go through between searching and booking (measured by media attribution) and which almost all agencies ignore to their cost.

Real-time reporting & dashboards
You can’t make good business decisions based on out-of-date data. Noetic1 gets data in real-time so reporting is real-time too.


Intelligent Analytics underpin our Acquire, Migrate and Retain programmes


Intelligent Analytics feeds into your direct acquisition. Our focus is on acquiring bookers and guests with the highest potential lifetime value. It also enables us to optimise your direct and indirect channels mix to reduce costs whilst increasing conversion rates.


We use the predicted future value of a guest from our Intelligent Analytics to offer appropriate personalised rates and offers. These are delivered via our mobile App to incentivise guests to book direct next time.


With repeat bookers, our aim is to support what bookers want to do, not what we might want to ‘sell them’ – this is the secret to successful CRM that so many marketers forget. It leads to our ‘less delivers more’ approach, which also means fewer unsubscribes and more engagement with your brand.

As the relationship grows, both the hotel and the customer learn more about each other. 1-2-1 rates and offers, personalised guest preferences and relevant communications designed to improve service and encourage loyalty are sent via personalised emails, the app or website.



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Our Intelligent Analytics support business success by delivering:

Lower cost per booking

More customers with a higher lifetime value

More gross profit