Noetic Labs

Tech innovation and high quality best practice development delivered

Noetic Labs is our development facility in Sri Lanka. It is responsible for the development of Noetic1 and its related modules. It also develops bespoke solutions for hotels that have unique needs and conducts research and development to examine the best commercial use of leading-edge technology such as blockchain and biometrics.

Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s tech hub, Noetic Lab’s technical team has been doubling in size each year since it was established. Our team uses industry best practice to deliver high-quality code and documentation.

It is the foundation of creating software integrations that work effortlessly.


What is Noetic Labs?

Our R&D hub commercialises leading-edge tech, develops Noetic1 and delivers bespoke hotel solutions

Development of Noetic1

New features and functionality are being released on an ongoing basis as Noetic Labs works to deliver against our ambitious roadmap for the Noetic1 platform.

We use best-practice development techniques to build to an exceptional standard.

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Research and development

Noetic Labs is the hub of our research and development. It scans the technology horizon and evaluates the best commercial use of leading-edge technologies such as blockchain, biometrics, augmented intelligence and virtual reality.

For example, recently Noetic Labs has been exploring the use of biometrics to create a two-step process that would enable a customer to use their smartphone or a kiosk to verify that their I.D. is valid and that the person checking in is the genuine holder of the I.D.

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Tailored solutions for unique challenges

Clients with specific challenges or needs also come to Noetic Labs for bespoke development projects. For example, for one client we built ticket office capability into their website so customers can purchase tickets for London West End theatre productions without having to click away from the hotel’s own website. The pages are seamlessly integrated with a theatre booking site.

If you have a technical challenge you’d like Noetic Labs to help with we can rapidly create proof-of-concepts and prototypes.

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Investing in talent

Drawing talent from Sri Lanka’s best universities we have been highly successful in finding and keeping an innovative and highly motivated team because we focus on the five pillars of quality. Quality recruitment, quality service, quality coding, quality documentation and quality of employee wellbeing.


We believe if we look after our employees they will be happier, more productive and more innovative. It’s win-win all round so we offer competitive salaries and employee benefits. This reduces employee turnover and ensures consistent, cost-effective development and greater functionality for our clients.



Investing in technology

We invest heavily in R&D through our Noetic Incubator, an initiative that allows all our staff half a day a week to pursue their own research and development projects followed by regular knowledge transfer sessions so they can share what they learn and discover with the rest of the team. We do meetups and hackathons to encourage interaction, innovation, collaborative problem solving and the development of ideas that feed into the solutions we develop.

We now have a team of 30 developers with specialists covering front-end development, back end development, quality assurance, project management, and dev operations.