Noetic1 mobile hotel app supports social distancing

Guests can check-in, check-out, authorise i.d. and much more all remotely via our app

Noetic1 Mobile App can help you extend a warm welcome at a healthy social distance.

No queuing or risk of contaminated key cards. The app can even authorise a guest’s ID document and validate that the guest checking in is the rightful owner of the ID.

Social Distancing

A hotel app that makes guest management safer

Social distancing measures will be difficult to manage in busy hotel receptions. Why not improve your guest experience with an app that means they don’t have to visit the front desk at all?

Our app’s ‘sticky’ features support social distancing and drive engagement. Features include private rates, digital room keys, premium wifi, remote check-in, check-out, id verification and booking management. The app also enables contactless payments for food and beverage.

Terms and conditions apply, offer valid on contracts of 12 months plus, for hotels with over 500 rooms using Oracle OPERA.


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