Better guest acquisition at a lower cost

Noetic’s data experts use Noetic1 and digital marketing nous to identify the best prospects and deliver more bookings.

The cost of acquiring enough bookings to fill your hotel through online travel agencies (OTAs) is high and the price your rooms can be highly volatile. If like most hotels, the majority of your bookings come via OTAs you may feel that the only way to increase guest acquisition is to spend more with them; but there is a better way.

Noetic1 identifies the best bookers, and with state-of-the-art analytic models, feeds the information about what ‘best’ looks like into our direct acquisition programme, delivering more bookings, from bookers who are more likely to come back, all at a lower cost per booking. The result is that you get more bookings and higher occupancy without increasing your spend. Through intelligent analytics, sophisticated media attribution models and use of our leading-edge technology, we hone your targeting, improve the quality and effectiveness of your online ads and deliver more bookings.


Intelligent predictive analytics hones targeting

Our talented media team will review your current media strategy and delivery. They will use intelligent analytics and our innovative media attribution models to optimise your media spend and acquire more high-value customers for your hotels.

Noetic1 captures booking data from all channels both direct and indirect in real-time to create a single customer view 24/7. Then the data is used to find the best audiences and optimise your marketing to increase guest acquisition, reduce the cost of sale and increase profitability.

Our results speak for themselves, in competitive pitches Noetic has never been beaten in its ability to deliver more revenue for less spend.


Optimising your media spend with talent and technology

Once we have prioritised your spend and channel strategy we can also deliver all your online marketing and media. We provide strategic consulting services for online marketing and media or can do it all for you through our fully managed service which delivers social, (pay-per-click) PPC, display and Google Hotel Adverts.

Noetic is an authorised Google Hotel Ad Partner and is an expert in getting the best from this powerful platform. We’ll use it to reduce your reliance on OTAs, acquire more direct bookers and migrate them to direct channels. We ensure that your direct channel ranks highly and that your rates are displayed in the correct language and currencies. Getting Google Hotel Ads right will make your business more competitive. (Most Google Hotel providers don’t get it right, at all, costing you money you don’t need to spend.


Bid smarter

We use intelligent predictive analytics and online activity to identify the best customers, optimise your media spend and continuously hone your guest acquisition strategy. Serving all your online advertising at the right time to optimal audiences.

We submit rates to Google for much further ahead than industry standard (for the maximum 330 days) so that we are marketing to lucrative overseas tourists who typically book further in advance, stay for longer, and spend more. With less competition for advance bookers, the cost to acquire is far lower, leaving more budget to be more competitive when acquiring shorter notice bookers.

Our technology gives you a competitive edge. Our omnichannel booking engine spans all your channels so regardless of where a customer interacts they receive a seamless experience with faster loading pages increasing the conversion rate and reducing the number of deserted baskets. All bookings are captured at source and reported in real-time so you know exactly how your business is performing.


It works

Here's proof that our technology and our talent gets results. For a client with 3,500 rooms, we delivered the following results for 2019


Direct up
from 8% to 40%+


Cost per sale


Website conversion rate


Cancellation rate

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