We migrate customers to direct channels

Noetic1 reduces over-reliance on OTAs and can halve cost-per-booking

Online travel agents (OTAs) can be useful but the commission is always high. When you rely on OTAs you miss rich data about the journey customers have taken to find you. Typically, all you will know is what they are spending with which OTA. And they are not your customers - they belong to the OTA, so even if they return because they love your hotel, you pay the same commission next time. That simply isn’t fair.

Noetic's methodology, underpinned by our technology, encourages the best guests to migrate to direct channels. This reduces the cost per booking. Noetic1 uses booking data to identify those most likely to become loyal customers and enables you to optimise your marketing campaigns to deliver more direct bookings.


Intelligent analytics find the best bookers

The way people search online for hotels creates a vast amount of data that can be used to improve targeting, we collect it all in real-time. Noetic1 intelligent analytics profiles prospective bookers using their online behaviours to predict which are likely to become loyal guests. Then we calculate the optimal timeframe for contact, the best channel(s) to use and the offer that is most likely to lead to a direct booking.

Noetic1 captures every step of the customer user journey. The data is used to inform future media spend and builds customer insights which continuously improves the direct acquisition programme. 


Smart use of hotel apps

Noetic1 includes a Guest App for guests which, unlike most others on the market, offers much more than a smartphone version of a hotel directory. It offers a better guest experience and rich features including digital room keys, smartphone or kiosk-based check-in or checkout and universal payments.

Once the app is being used it creates a direct marketing channel you can use to offer private rates and personalised offers, perks and information based on historic behaviour and tactical promotions. All of this is hidden from the prying eyes of the OTAs, Google, Bing et al. As the app is in your customer’s hand they can easily access their private rates and offers and are more likely to use it. An app that isn’t being used is useless.

Noetic1’s app is an essential tool if you have large numbers of guests arriving via an OTA that you want to migrate to direct channels, where you can serve them better, for less cost.


Take control to keep your highest value bookers

Taking control of the whole customer journey including hotel searches and booking all the way through check-in, hotel stay, check out and follow up communications provides a huge opportunity to build loyalty, your brand and migrate more guests to book directly.


It works

Noetic delivered the following impressive benefits for a large hotel group. It’s proof that our technology and our talent gets results.


Direct up from
8% to 40%+


Cost per sale


Website conversion rate


Cancellation rate

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