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Noetic helps you retain your customers and develop longer, more profitable relationships.

Direct bookers and guests open up a wealth of data that can be used to make your service more personalised, driving loyalty and guest retention. Our mobile app is designed to ensure that guests have a richer experience. We use it to encourage customers to book again and access private rates and offers, free from the prying eyes of OTAs and Google.

Integrating your existing technology with Noetic1 creates a smoother experience all the way through the customer journey and makes your business processes more efficient.


Making the whole customer journey smoother

Bookers and guests want a stay without hassle. Noetic makes every stage of the customer journey better. We enable hotels to deliver a more personalised service that drives customer loyalty.



Highly targeted adverts for your hotel rank well for customers predicted to have the highest lifetime value. Their relevance increases conversion to direct channels.



Customers book easily using whichever combination of channels suits them. Booking is smooth, so no need to re-key data - either by guests or your reservations team.



Guests choose a check-in process that suits them including at the front desk, via a kiosk or hotel app. No queuing and guest's preferences are remembered.



Guests enjoy rich features via the hotel app including digital keys, premium WiFi, easy payment for additional services, personalised information and offers.



Guests don’t need to queue at the front desk at the end of their stay to check-out. The Noetic1 smartphone app enables guests to download invoices on-demand.


Book again

Guests view private bespoke offers and perks, manage future bookings and see past bookings directly in the app, away from the prying eyes of the OTA and Google.


Intelligent use of data

We use the data we collect throughout the customer journey to grow your relationship with your customers. Because Noetic1 is completely integrated with your existing hotel technology we create a single customer view. Applying this data helps us to ensure your marketing is personalised and maximises rebooking, cross-selling and upselling opportunities.


Ditch traditional revenue management to reduce price volatility

Understanding your customers is key to avoiding price volatility of rooms. Repeat customers are less price-sensitive because they have experienced your hotel and have their own perception of the room’s value. Noetic’s research shows that customers who feel their experience was ‘good enough’ at a hotel aren’t looking for the lowest price to rebook, they are just expecting to pay a fair price. Traditional revenue management techniques that focus on occupancy rates and yield often end up working against the business because hotels end up offering room rates that are lower than repeat customers are happy to pay.


Smarter use of Google Hotel Ads

Finding the customers most likely to rebook from the beginning gives you a headstart on retaining high-value guests.  We ensure hotels’ direct booking channel achieves top ranking within the Google Hotel Ads window and make certain your rates are displayed in the user’s prefered currency and language. Customers experience great service from the very first touchpoint with your brand. 


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Seamless systems integration

Noetic is an integration specialist. Our solutions work seamlessly with a range of hotel systems including market-leading property management system Oracle OPERA. The improved and automated processes Noetic1 brings, provide customers with more convenient and personalised ways to interact with your hotels from booking to check-out and beyond.


Smarter hotel apps

Consumers are using apps for all aspects of daily life so why are hotels behind the curve? Many existing hotel apps act like glorified guest directories with little or no incentive to download or use them. The Noetic app is different. It offers rich features that increase its adoption and ongoing use. These include digital room keys, premium WiFi, on-demand invoices and mobile check-in and check-out. Once customers are using the app it becomes a new channel that can be used to offer private preferential rates and perks that increase loyalty.


Our hotel app

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Noetic identifies the best customers, acquires more of their business and cuts your costs whilst doing so.

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