Noetic1 media outperforms agencies and OTAs

A noetic approach to media delivers more direct bookings, costs much less and finds customers who are more likely to rebook via direct channels.


Our media services

Using intelligent predictive analytics and our proprietary attribution modelling, Noetic has a proven track record of delivering more direct bookings for less. For one client with 3,200 rooms, we have already grown their direct bookings from 8% to 40% of all bookings and at an average 10% cost per sale.

Noetic1 delivers better media campaigns for hotels. Whether you are looking for a fully-fledged technology solution for your internal team to improve your media targeting and channel management or an agency you can rely on to do it all for you, Noetic will get you more direct bookings for your hotel and do it at ≤10% cost per sale.

Our aim is to help hotels reduce the over-reliance on online travel agencies (OTAs); helping them to take back control of the customer relationship and develop long term repeat business via direct channels. The result of implementing Noetic1 for acquisition is that your cost per sale will shrink significantly, and the quality of bookings will go up.


Our technology

Noetic1 tracks every click and impression leading to a website visit, availability search or booking. It gathers all data from direct and indirect channels to automatically create a single customer view. This single customer view drives everything.

Using sophisticated algorithms, developed originally in concert with Google, we analyse the relationship between online behaviours, first-time bookings and repeat bookings. By understanding the statistical relationships from first click to last click, conversion and what happens after, we can accurately attribute the value of every step of the customer journey and its contribution to bookings. This enables us to precisely hone your media campaigns. Not only do we segment your audience but also the media you use so you acquire more 1st-time bookings from customers who will end up with the highest lifetime value.


Our talent

The Noetic team are specialists in online hotel marketing. We will optimise your campaigns to ensure your marketing targets guests and bookers with the highest lifetime value. We consistently deliver better results than other tech providers and agencies, because we specialise in both – tech and delivery.

Using the Noetic1 booking engine and channel manager we optimise the management of marketing across all your channels, based not just on the booking, but on the future value of the customer behind that booking.

Noetic is also a certified Google Hotel Ads (GHA) partner. Unlike most GHA implementations, our GHA integration delivers customers up to 330 days out from ‘today’ which means our hotels clients are often the only result being offered by Google, because other implementations don’t work that far out. Because there is so little competition, we often get those clicks for pennies. We ensure rates and room availability information is accurate and is shown to the prospect in the correct language and currency. We also plan distribution to increase the number of direct bookings to the best customers.


What’s different about Noetic’s approach?

Noetic eschews conventional approaches to measuring the return on investment (ROI) for media. Too frequently media agencies oversimplify ROI by looking at the total spent on media in a given period and relating it directly to bookings received. This misses the longtail impact of media sales earlier on in the customer journey and disproportionately values the last click.

We attribute the value of different impressions over the whole customer journey across all your media channels so we have much greater visibility of the value individual media brings. Noetic1 provides actionable insights you can use to grow your business and we do it all in real-time, all the time.


What's included

Giving our talented marketing experts the best media technology available helps us outperform the rest.

Media Consulting

Need help but don’t know where to start? We will review your current strategy and make recommendations that will help you optimise your media spend.

Intelligent analytics

Gathering booking data from direct and indirect channels Noetic1 creates a single customer view. We analyse it and identify guests and bookers with the highest lifetime value.

Integrated marketing delivery

We will deliver highly targeted integrated campaigns via Google Hotel Ads, PPC, email, social and digital display that will drive direct bookings.

Full journey attribution

We analyse all the impressions and clicks in the buying journey to accurately understand attribution and optimise your marketing. We only invest in media that delivers high-quality bookings.

Programmatic bidding

We use programmatic bidding to optimise your media spend and give you a competitive edge and we win because our data models are more sophisticated than others’.

In-house design

With our talented in-house design team, we will take care of all the creative for your marketing executions