Noetic1 is how we deliver more direct bookings

We outperform OTAs and media agencies because we put a cutting-edge technology in the hands of hotel marketing experts. The results speak for themselves.

Noetic1 is a configurable hotel technology ecosystem that takes bookings from all of your channels and creates a unified view of all your data. It provides actionable insights regarding the people behind the bookings, optimises your media campaigns, manages your channels, unifies your hotel technology stack, manages payments and opens up new revenue streams.

It is the technology we use to acquire direct bookers, migrate indirect bookers to direct channels and retain the guests predicted to have the highest lifetime value.

It can be implemented in full or selected Noetic1 components can be combined to create a bespoke solution to meet your specific needs. In both instances, it is fully integrated into your Oracle OPERA property management system.


Unlock the power of your customer data

Noetic1 includes a booker and guest management platform that draws data from all your systems to create a single customer view, 24/7 in real-time. This data becomes the starting point for everything else we do for you.

Noetic1 collects online search behaviour, social media activity, bookings and stay data. We track every impression, click and engagement throughout the customer journey. Reports and predictive analytics run all day every day to inform business decision making and deliver performance improvement – measured by key metrics including cost-per-sale, customer lifetime value and gross profit to the business. The outputs are presented in user-friendly dashboards, updated every few minutes.

We apply intelligent analytics to your hotel data and build predictive models which are bespoke to your hotel. The models refine over time as more data is collected which enables us to optimise your marketing and media spend to maximise the long term value of bookers whilst capping investment needed to retain them.


Noetic1 Media enables direct booking at 10% cost per booking or less

Our approach is different from other media service providers. We don’t chase bookings; instead, we seek 1st-time bookers who are likely to come back, leading to high lifetime value because that is the most cost-effective way to grow your business. 

Using the customer data platform to combine your media spend data, channels-use data, offers and rates our media attribution framework enables us to deliver high performing media campaigns that acquire direct bookings at 10% or less cost per booking.

Many hoteliers are too busy running their hotels to spend time optimising their media campaigns in a way that drives down the cost per sale by increasing direct bookings. (Which is why so many hotels rely upon expensive OTAs for bookings.) This is why we do it for you.

Alternatively, if you have in-house acquisition and CRM teams a technology-only implementation is also an option we offer.


Noetic1 Media

Control rates and availability across direct and indirect to optimise acquisition

Not all bookings are equal. Our technology identifies the highest value bookers and predicts their future booking behaviour. This helps us avoid selling a room via an expensive OTA (online travel agency) or third party indirect when we can sell it at lower cost direct to a higher value booker.

Our simple omnichannel bookings and channel management interface lets you see all your channels and bookings and enables you to easily control rates distribution and availability strategically to increase revenue and decrease costs. 

Noetic1 can rapidly deploy Google Hotel Ads and SiteMinder as pre-existing certified solutions that are both offered via Oracle Web Services.


Channels and bookings

Our technology enables better customer relationships

Hotels don’t think carefully enough about what their customers want and how often they are happy to receive communications. Noetic1 technology helps you to better understand your customers and predict their behaviours.

This prevents you from: 

  1. Damaging relationships by sending too many marketing communications
  2. Giving away discounts when a booker is going to rebook anyway
  3. Targeting low-value customers
  4. Paying expensive commission for indirect bookings

It helps you to:

  1. Build loyalty
  2. Provide 1-2-1 rates to your best customers
  3. Send offers at the right time to increase in-hotel spend 



Omnichannel hotel payments processing that’s easier and cheaper

Noetic1 includes an industry-leading payment management solution designed specifically for the hotel industry. 

It automates the capture and secure storage of payment details across all your payment channels and providers and schedules payment processing at the optimum time and cost. This creates a better guest experience and removes time-consuming manual entry tasks, replacing them with intelligent automated processes that are more secure and cost less.

It’s better for bookers and guests too because once their payment details have been entered, they are available through all payment channels so the guest can complete a booking and make additional payments in a way that suits them. They can even switch channels part way through a booking process without having to re-key payment details they have entered. 


Universal payments

The Noetic1 Guest App drives direct bookings and loyalty

Noetic’s Guest App is a central part of our migration and retention solutions. It drives direct bookings by providing a private direct channel to offer personalised 1-2-1 rates and promotions away from the prying eyes of OTAs.

Getting guest bookings through the app is cheaper than other channels with cost per sale being 5% or less.

The app includes “sticky” features including digital room keys and premium wifi that guests want to engage with so it becomes a rich source of customer data. The insights it provides will help you deliver better service, build loyalty and migrate more OTA bookers to direct channels.


The Guest App