Assa Abloy

Working with access solutions providers to enable digital room keys

ASSA ABLOY (formerly VingCard) is a global leader in access solutions. Its offering includes products and services related to openings, such as locks, doors, gates and entrance automation solutions. The Group has expertise in controlling identities, with keys, cards, tags, mobile and biometric identity verification systems as parts of the offering.


Our work with Assa Abloy

Noetic Technology integrates fully with Assa Abloy locks so that through the Noetic1 App, Kiosk and Front Desk Solutions you can issue digital keys to your guests quickly and easily. This enables guests to use their smartphone as a room key. Unlike other providers, conventional cards and Noetic digital keys can be used interchangeably for the same rooms at the same time so if guests sharing a room have different preferences everyone is happy.

Noetic’s hotel app also collects data about the battery status of the lock each time a guest uses their digital key, allowing housekeeping to stay on top of maintenance without having to visit every room to test room locks. This can have significant cost and time-saving benefits.  Check out Assa Abloy’s calculator to see how much it could save your business in maintenance costs. It’s better for guests too – no one wants to have to trek backwards and forwards to reception with a series of keys that don’t work only to discover the issue is with the lock battery, not the keys.


Better digital room keys

Let guests use their smartphone as a room key and unlock the benefits of automated battery management.

Fully compatible

No need to replace your Assa Abloy locks


Digital keys that work interchangeably with conventional card keys, so two guests in the same room can use a smartphone and traditional card key

Automated battery management

Automated collection of lock battery status makes maintenance more efficient

Noetic1 digital locks

Find out how using Noetic1’s digital room keys will improve the guest experience and make housekeeping more efficient.

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