Google Hotel Ads

Working smarter with Google Hotel Ads to get more direct bookings

Every day millions of people start their travel plans with a Google search. Google Hotel Adverts (GHA) enable hotels to display rates and availability on Google Search, Maps and the Assistant.

Unlike bookings that come via online travel agencies, bookings acquired through Google Hotel Advert campaigns also provide valuable customer data. Most GHA integrations don’t take advantage of this and simply focus on delivering bookings. Using this data, Noetic identifies customers who are most likely to have the highest lifetime value and enables you to optimise your wider direct marketing spend to acquire more of them.


Working with Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads display rate and availability right on the search results page, giving web users all the basic information without having to click anywhere else. Noetic ensures our customer’s own direct booking channel achieves top ranking within the Google Hotel Ads window. We are also hot on the hygiene factors that your competitors may be falling down on, such as ensuring rates are displayed in the user’s prefered currency and language.

As an official Google Hotel Ads Integration Partner, we can help you to use this powerful platform to reduce your reliance on expensive online travel agencies and nudge customers towards direct bookings.

Our Google Hotel Ads experts will help optimise your campaigns to deliver more of the best direct booking customers.


An official GHA Integration Partner

Noetic helps hotels to take advantage of Google Hotel Ads to increase direct bookings and raise awareness.

Direct bookings

We’ll ensure your direct link ranks well in the Google Hotel Ad window

Greater brand visibility

Direct booking channel promoted in Google Search, Maps and Assistant

Consistent high-quality ads

We make sure your Google Hotel Ads have all the relevant availability information and rates in prefered currencies