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Omnichannel payments processing that’s easier and cheaper

Noetic1 includes an industry-leading payment management solution designed specifically for the hotel industry


Bad payments processes frustrate customers

Have you ever been halfway through a hotel booking and needed to switch between booking on your smartphone to your laptop? Perhaps you've had to call the hotel’s central reservations office?

If you have, chances are you will have had to re-enter some, if not all of your information. Then when you arrive at the hotel you will have queued at the front desk to present your credit card for pre-authorisation. You might have been given a flimsy card with your room number scribbled on it to present at the bar or restaurant to charge extras to your room. It’s not a smooth process and it can create a lot of frustration. You might even ditch the booking altogether and end up booking a different hotel.

With Noetic it doesn’t have to be this way.


Smarter payments management is better for the guest and the hotel

Working alongside our partners, Noetic has developed an innovative, industry-leading payment management solution designed for the hotel industry’s specific needs.

It automates the entire process of capturing and securely storing payment details across all your payment channels and providers and then schedules the processing of payments at the optimum time and cost. This creates a better guest experience and removes time-consuming manual entry tasks, replacing them with intelligent automated processes that are more secure and cost less.


How Noetic1 payments improves the guest experience

As soon as payment details have been entered, they are available through all payment channels so the guest can complete a booking and make additional payments in a way that suits them. They can even switch channels part way through a booking process without having to re-key payment details they have entered. 

If payment details are mistyped or incorrect Noetic1 has a consistent set of error messages that map to each payment provider’s own bespoke system messages so guests get consistent error messages in their own language that make sense and help them complete the booking successfully.

Noetic1 is compatible with dynamic currency conversion with an option for us to manage exchange rate pricing for you, so you can provide pricing in local and foreign currencies. It is also compatible with alternative payment methodologies enabling you to provide greater choice and convenience for your guests. Want to pay with cryptocurrency? Via Apple pay or WeChat? Noetic1 is compatible with alternative payments methods.

When the guest checks in at the hotel they don’t have to present their credit card at the front desk for pre-authorisation because the payment details are already securely stored and the system automatically schedules processing at the right time. Additional transactions such as drinks from the bar can be processed just by confirming the card’s three-digit security number. 

Noetic1 takes all the hassle out of payments making guests more inclined to rebook and spend more with you during their stay because it’s all so easy.  

How Noetic1 payments increase hotel efficiency and reduce cost

Reducing systems integration costs

Noetic1 provides back-end integration with payment providers, removing the need for hotels to do a time-consuming and costly series of front-end integrations with each different payment provider for each payment channel. As well as being cheaper this makes your business more agile. You can quickly add, remove and change payment providers for all your payment channels at once as your business grows and changes. 

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Increasing the efficiency of payments processing

The system can also automatically route payments to different payment providers. For example, if a customer books parking as well as a room the Noetic solution splits and routes the payment appropriately to the correct merchant id and payment providers for the car parking and the hotel. This makes your accounting simpler and more accurate and makes the process of buying additional services hassle-free for guests (and therefore more likely).

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Reducing payment processing costs

Our payment management solution reduces the cost of payment processing by optimising the balance of transaction types in preference of cheaper, lower risk merchant initiated transactions.

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Less risk, more security

The system reduces security risks to your business because all customer payment data is securely stored in our PCI compliant customer management system. Because Noetic1 automates much of the payment processing it removes the need for hotel staff to see payment details in full, which reduces risk, protects your guests’ payment details and supports GDPR compliance.

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Improve the guest experience and make the hotel payment processing more efficient and cheaper.

Better guest experience

Enter payment details once then interact via any channel to complete booking or make additional purchases, no queueing to pre-authorise your card on check-in. See rates in your local and destination currency and error messages in your language.

More agile business

Noetic’s back-end integration makes it easy to add or remove payment providers.

Lower integration cost

The system doesn’t require multiple front-end integrations for each provider and channel

More efficient processing

Removes time consuming manual processes, automates routing of payments to different providers

Lower payment costs

Increases balance of cheaper transaction types

Reduces risk

Customer payment details held securely in PCI compliant database

Noetic partners with leading payment providers

Partnering with leading payment providers including 3C Payment and Elavon, Noetic is innovating hotel payments processing. Once a guest’s payment details have been collected on the Noetic platform, transactions can be securely completed via any payment channel or a combination of channels. All with the simple confirmation of the guest’s three-digit CVC code.

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Noetic1 universal payments

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