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Our Noetic1™ platform sits at the core of your operations, driving what you do, how you market yourself, who you sell to and how guests experience your offer.


Noetic1™ connects every guest touchpoint to every system, service and room underpinning your business.

Noetic1™ modules

To deliver the precise services and functionality you need, Noetic1 can be tailored through many different modules, each integrated seamlessly into your overall solution.

The Noetic1 wheel

The interactive diagram below is the center section of our Noetic1 wheel, it will give you a break down of our modules. 

eCommerce integration

You can use these components to integrate your systems with the Noetic1 platform:


Integrate and maintain multiple guest relationship details

An API for integrating and defining the relationships between identities (such as work colleagues or spouses) and invoicing office versus delivery location. This module facilitates access control so profiles can be given different access rights to the underlying data.


Integrate on-site guest actions beyond what they put in their basket

An API for integrating guest behaviours online, such as website journeys. It creates guest footprints and generates ‘flags’ and ‘triggers’ that can be used to inform further marketing activity.


PMS integrations allow you to manage multiple currencies

Outperform OTAs and other operators by using our PMS and Google Hotel ad integrations to list rooms in multiple currencies, including digital ones, like Bitcoin. Unlike those using a standard PMS, you’ll benefit from the ability to take payments and report in multiple currencies, too.


Bring in basket-level data, including dropped baskets.

An API for integrating basket data, either at a summary or at line item level. This includes every item and attribute, basket summary data and basket stat


Securely enter and maintain personal guest details

An API for integrating and maintaining a single personally identifiable information (PII) version that fulfils compliance requirements, even across multiple channels and devices.

Hospitality modules

These are modules used by your organisation (or by Noetic on your behalf) to integrate your guest-facing apps and website with Noetic1 and third-party hotel booking and property management systems (PMS), like Oracle OPERA.


Capture all relevant booking information.

A comprehensive suite of tools for making, modifying and cancelling bookings, coupled with optimised data storage for reporting and analysis.

Availability monitor

What’s available for guests to book or buy?

We frequently poll which rooms and tables are being searched and requested against what’s available. We store both sets of information so you can conduct a detailed analysis of what guests want, when they’re being searched, and whether they find what they’re looking for.

Availability optimiser

Optimise PMS performance by not asking it what you already know.

Going far beyond simply identifying available rooms, our optimiser has a local store, reducing the load on any PMS and making user web-integration around 10 times faster, along with a complete historical view. It also gives you detailed analysis of rooms, matched against what guests wanted to buy and when, to deliver better occupancy.

Check-in and check-out

App-based check-in, room access and check-out.

These tools deliver an end-to-end solution for direct, app-based check-in, room access and check-out. Providing an enhanced user experience and greater efficiency in critical processes for your business. 


Use your hotel WiFi to drive guest loyalty

A set of tools for integrating account and booking data directly with third-party WiFi providers, making access to WiFi automatic, coupled with the ability to provide throttled access based on audience. 


Add car parking to booking options

Manage and integrate car parking with all other systems and functions, allowing reservations for parking to be coupled with room bookings.

Activity modules

Activate these modules within Noetic1™  for intelligent interactions with guests and for integration with third-party marketing systems (including media, email tools and call centre technology).


Deliver marketing campaigns, packages and offers to specific guests

Our hospitality-specific version of Channel Manager spans all tools to tailor and manage campaigns. It integrates packaged offers, promotions and availability information with outbound communications and media messaging to deliver campaign material to specific guests.


Build, run and measure the value of your loyalty programmes

Customisable loyalty and reward programmes, integrated with campaigns, availability and bookings on a one-to-one, targeted level. 

Media attribution

Link your marketing spend directly to guest acquisition and revenue

Heavy-lift analytic models deliver performance scores at every touchpoint to ensure every pound spent on media is optimised.


Add social media to your marketing and sales mix.

Fully integrated social media, from sign up, to media modelling and targeting. 

Third-party integrations

We integrate with any technologies you currently employ, as long as they have an API we can access.

Current integrations include: 


Email marketing

Provides email marketing for more than 15 million people globally and allows you to send better emails, connect your eCommerce store and sell more.


Customer service

Web-based helpdesk software used by 200,000+ organisations worldwide.


Wifi services

Guest internet services and web access portals for the hospitality and hotelier industry.

Google Hotel Ads

Google Hotel Ads Integration

Google Hotel Ads empower your business—but only when you have uncompromised access.

Oracle OPERA

OPERA cloud services

OPERA cloud services, a essential piece of hospitality management software.

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